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A LBGFS Patron is a supporter of Ladyboy Girlfriends who made a pledge at our Crowd Funding page Patreon.com/lbgfs We use the money pledged to create our videos and pay the sexy ladyboy models. So every pledge, no matter how big or small really does help.

Our sexy photos and videos are made solely with the support of our Patrons. You can pledge anywhere from $1 to any amount you choose. Your Pledge will unlock our exclusive photos here at LBGFS.com, gain early access to our Youtube Videos, among other things.

We also offer several Reward Levels for different Pledge Amounts.

What are Rewards?

The minimum Pledge amount is $1 which will unlock all our exclusive (non-nude) photo posts here, but, we offer different Rewards for higher Pledge Amounts. The most exciting being Access to Bonus Patron Site which is where our exclusive Nude Ladyby Videos, Nude Ladyboy Photos, Nude Ladyboy Selfies are posted. Other rewards include things like being added as a Friend on our Snapchat, Participation in Patron only Polls, and much more.

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