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It became quite clear that some of you wanted to see some of our sexy ladyboy friends with, ummm how shall we put it, with a little less clothing on. For those of you who enjoy the more sexy NSFW site of Ladyboys, we have created a Patreon page. This is where you will find all the Not Safe for Work (NSFW) Photos, Selfies & Videos. Here are some Safe For Work Samples:

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Lots of beautiful Ladyboys and Transgender models decide to work cams for a living. We do not judge, actually it's a pretty good way to make money. Below you will find some of our favorite Ladyboy cam performers. Clicking on them will take you to their Safe For Work profile here on LBGFS.com, which will then provide another link directly to their private chatrooms on various sites (those sites are 100% NSFW, you've been warned).
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